What we can take for residential recycling
and recycling dropoff

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Corrugated Cardboard 
-Remove packing materials, such as foam, peanuts & bubblewrap. -All paste board boxes must have wax liner removed, including cereal boxes. -Flatten boxes to save space. -Cereal or other paperboard boxes OK. -NO wax-coated milk cartons or boxes. -NO juice containers.

Beverage Cans 
-Please drain completely. -Aluminum & steel beverage cans will be separated automatically at the Recycling Center. -You may flatten cans to save space.

Steel Food Cans 
-Rinse clean. -Paper labels OK -Place lid inside can and pinch end close to keep lid inside.

-DO NOT pack in plastic bags or tie in bundles. -Wet newspapers CANNOT be recycled. -Shiny paper is OK.

Magazines, phone books, paperback books & catalogs ok. No hard cover books. DO NOT pack in plastic bags or tie in bundles

Glass Bottles & Jars
-We no longer accept any glass, glass bottles, glass jars of any type. ALL glass is considered trash.

Plastic Bottles
-Throw away caps. -MUST rinse clean. Milk and water jugs, Colored detergent bottles, softener and bleach bottles -You may flatten plastic bottles to save space for your home storage. -ONLY #1 & #2 plastic is acceptable. Non-coded or coded #3-7 WILL NOT be acceptable. -NO motor oil, transmission oil or antifreeze containers.

Junk Mail 
-White office paper, colored paper, computer paper, notebook paper, junk mail, envelopes (windows ok), manila folders, yellow pad paper,sticky notes, & paperback books are ok. Please do not put Junk mail in any type of bag or box. DO NOT pack in plastic bags or tie in bundles.

Scrap Aluminum 
-Aluminum cans, Aluminum foil, pie and dinner trays -PLEASE rinse clean. -Aluminum lawn furniture etc. -Remove fabric and other contaminants.

Recycling Dropoff Locations 

Please visit the Defiance County Environmental website to get a list of dates and times for recycling dropoff in your area.